Josh Goot E-commerce

Josh Goot E-commerce

Josh Goot is a renowned Australian designer. I worked with the creative director to implement a responsive e-commerce website and email marketing platform.

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FEIT E-commerce

FEIT E-commerce

FEIT is a footwear and accessories company that merges sharp, minimal design aesthetic and a vast knowledge of footwear with a determination to remain low impact and sustainable. I built a responsive e-commerce website and mailing list for it’s international customer base, leaving behind a minimal environmental and economic footprint.

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CAMILLA AND MARC E-commerce & Integration

CAMILLA AND MARC e-commerce website and mobile site

Camilla and Marc are a leading designer of luxury tailored apparel for women. Together we built a responsive website and integrated it with point-of-sale, email marketing and warehouse systems so it’s easy to use, scalable and secure.

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Facebook Web/Mobile Promotion


Share your fight with your friends and receive a gift voucher. Users can send via email or Facebook. Facebook users experience open graph actions such as “Shared a feit” or “Claimed a gift”. Responsive design means this works on several different platforms. Here is a sneak preview of the Desktop, Mobile and Email version of the promotion:


Nelson’s Galactic Imperial Pale Ale

Formulated by Oren Leaffer

Boil Volume: 7 liters
Batch Volume: 20 liters

60 minute grain steep @ ~68 C
1 kg pale malt
250 g crystal malt

60 minute boil:
3 kg liquid malt extract (Morgan’s pale lager) (split between 60 min and 15 min additions)
500 g Belgian Candi Sugar (15 min boil)

Nelson Sauvin 11.4% AA
Galaxy 13.4% AA

Hop additions:
60 min: 18 g Galaxy
45 min: 9 g Galaxy
15 min: 10 g Galaxy, 20 g Nelson
0 min: 30 g Nelson

Safale US-05 Dry Yeast

Dry hops (in secondary)
31 g Nelson

Priming sugar:
117 g dextrose

Boiled and pitched yeast July 2. Due to cold weather (~13 C), yeast didn’t start until fermenter was immersed in a warm water batch.

Through the fermentation process, warm water was periodically applied.

Racked to secondary July 6 and dry hopped.

Bottled on July 17.

Measured the original gravity as 1.041 @ 24 C – this seems very low given the quantity of sugar in the wort.

Measured the final gravity as 1.012 @ 13 C prior to bottling, this seems closer to reasonable.

Plugging the recipe into beercalculus suggests an OG of 1.072, rendering the final alcohol content 7.1% ABV

Plugging my measurements into suggests 4.2% ABV.