Service Oriented Open Source E-commerce

What you need:

  1. Services
    1. DynDNS
      1. Domain name registration
      2. Custom DNS
      3. SSL
    2. Google Apps
    3. Dropbox
    4. Google Analytics
    5. Google Webmaster Tools
    6. Github
    7. Browsercam
    8. Mailchimp
    9. Australian bank account with Merchant Facility
    10. Payment Methods
      1. eway (Australian payment gateway for on site, credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers)
      2. Paypal merchant account
      3. Google Checkout merchant account
  2. Hosting Platform
    1. 1 x Amazon LAMP server
    2. 2 x Amazon S3 buckets (One for remote backup and the other as a CDN serving static files)
  3. Frameworks
    1. Paypal’s Magento Go Hosted shopping cart platform
    2. PHP MVC Framework Codeigniter
    3. AWSPHPSDK (Amazon Web Services PHP SDK)
    4. HTML5, CSS3, JQuery
  4. Development Platform
    1. VirtualBox VM running OpenSolaris Linux, MySQL, PHP, OpenSSL (same as Joyent SmartMachine)
    2. PHPUnit
    3. Phing build automation
    4. Seige load testing
    5. Git version control
    6. Cross-browser testing available via remote-access to various OS/Browser/Mobile combinations using Browsercam or Mailchimp’s Mailbox Inspector program

What you can do:

  1. Google Apps Single Sign-on for administrators of Mailchimp, Google Analytics, DynDNS, Dropbox
  2. Social affiliate application with Codeigniter, Google Apps, Facebook, Twitter, Magento and Google Analytics
  3. User submitted content microsite with HTML5 audio/video, Codeigniter, Mailchimp and Google Analytics, AWS S3
  4. HTML5 Location-based SMS Promotion with Magento, Mailchimp, Google Maps and Google Analytics
  5. A/B Testing for Email and Landing Page Campaigns with Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Magento and Mailchimp
  6. 360 E-commerce Campaign Reporting with Mailchimp, Magento and Google Analytics
  7. Production Forecasting and Product-Level ROI Reporting Tool with Codeigniter, Magento, Google Apps Spreadsheet and Google Analytics
  8. Share source graphics and other files with 3rd-parties using Dropbox
  9. Daily remote database and file back-up on Amazon S3
  10. Automated user testing on daily or weekly builds using PHPUnit
  11. Salvage unsubscribes by creating web-hooks in Mailchimp using Codeigniter/Magento.
  12. Everytime a person forwards an email to a friend, add credit to the Magento customer account using the API.
  13. Then create another web hook that sends an email to that person if they remove themselves from the mailing list saying that you’re sorry to see them go because they will loose the credit they earned previously. Then allow them to click a link to reinstate their subscription and recover their credit with a special offer. Situation averted.