Track Social Media in Google Analytics

Create Google Analytics campaigns for each of your social networks.

Tag your URL with the following campaign variables for Google to track:

  • utm_campaign – name of campaign
  • utm_medium – the type of distribution (e.g. social, email, media)
  • utm_source – the place where you put this link (e.g. facebook, “name of email list”)

For example, when you post a link to your blog:

  • utm_campaign=name-of-campaign-or-blog-post-or-category
  • utm_medium=social
  • utm_source=facebook

Use the Google URL Builder to create links

And then create a link using your URL shortener like

Post the link

Segment your reports for these campaigns

Create an advanced segment titled “Campaign Name”

“Filter Visits” by “Traffic Sources > Campaign” includes “Campaign Name”

“Test”, “preview” and “save” the advanced segment.

Advanced Segment in Google Analytics filter settings for Traffic Sources - Campaigns

View Reports

Now you can view any report to see how these users performed on your site, or where they came from. For example:

Go to the “Traffic Sources > Sources > All Traffic” report and view where your traffic comes from:

Google Analytics Traffic Sources for a Campaign Segment